APT Global: ‘Fugro Oceanus’ Delivered


APT Global has delivered newly built modular Jack-Up Barge “Fugro Oceanus” to Fugro Middle East.

“Fugro Oceanus” is a modular self-elevating drilling platform built under RINA classification and is designed to carry out marine soil investigation works related to dredging in coastal waters, ports and tidal waters in depths of up to 25m.

Measuring 12.2 x 9.8m the platform comprises of four modular pontoons locked together by a proprietary locking arrangement. Each pontoon comprises of three individual watertight compartments and is designed to stay afloat with any three compartments totally flooded.

Mark Heims from Fugro Middle East said: “The Fugro Oceanus was commissioned to be built as a compliment to the six Self Elevating Platforms that Fugro Middle East operate in the region for Geotechnical exploration.

“We have chosen to work with APT on the building of this SEP because of their flexibility in resolving the specific issues that relate to such platforms, as well as commercial considerations.

“With the service we have experienced up to this point we would consider APT Global as a preferred supplier for similar “New Builds” in the future.”

The platform is jacked up using a hydraulic jacking unit and a block locking device on each of the 4 legs.

Deck equipment generally includes a hydraulic power pack, backup hydraulic power pack, a drilling rig, pipe rack, water pump and a generator.