APT Global delivers 600 tonnes of Mission Equipment for Van Oord’s Vessel Bravenes

APT Global is proud with its contribution to the newbuilding of the advanced Subsea Rock Installation vessel ‘Bravenes’ from Van Oord, which is currently in operations.

The scope of delivery contained several important parts of the Subsea Rock Installation system, such as the tremie pipe, several gantries and frames, the retractable chute and other parts: a total of approximately 600 ton of equipment/assemblies. Part of the procurement and engineering of the mission equipment was done by APT Global in the Netherlands, while the construction and assembly of the equipment took place at APT Global facilities in Dubai/RAK.

The works started in November 2016 and were finalized in December 2017. Deliveries were done to both Rotterdam and China, and were in line with the desired schedule, following the actual production of the main builder of the vessel.

Choice for APT Global:

Bravenes Project Manager Patrick Meij: “Van Oord has selected APT Global for their high quality of work, in combination with their favorable lead times. Even with the largest and most challenging constructions, the pieces were manufactured within tolerance, on time and within budget. Especially the collaboration between Van Oord Dubai’s office and the APT Dubai office was very successful. APT is a professional partner to work with.”


Background of vessel Bravenes:

The Bravenes is the latest addition to the Van Oord fleet of flexible fallpipe vessels, and it is a unique piece of equipment within Van Oord’s fleet. The vessel, with a deadweight of 14,000 tonnes, a length of 154 metres, and a beam of 28 metres, will be suitable for installing a wide range of rock sizes.

Bravenes is equipped to perform three different types of rock installation, namely the fallpipe through the moon pool, a fallpipe over the side, or a tremie pipe over the side. This third ship configuration allows the vessel to install rock very close to offshore platforms, such as monopiles. Bravenes brings a new level of innovation to subsea rock installation.